Every design process is unique to each and every one of our clients, and we design for you with that in mind. The number of steps varies depending on the complexity of the project and whether you are building a new home, renovating or simply making a few small key changes.

Initial Evaluation

We understand life happens in your home and we would love to help you enhace this experience. PRID will make sure we examine your home and lifestyle by:

  • developing your design brief

  • deciding your budget

  • Making sure you, the client, are always happy with any plans devised.

Selecting Your Design

What brings life to you? What inspires you? These are all questions that matter. PRID helps you visualize living in the design at this stage. We bring it to life by being highly organized with detail while you enjoy the process.

This is where we bring your vision to reality.

Creating and Bringing to Life

Once PRID has communicated to you exactly what you want, we will get to work designing your dream come true. Your design is finalized and the next stage is waiting until completion!

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